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People and Technological Change

People in organisations today often experience efforts to achieve change: Today’s managers are usually expected to achieve change that will improve the performance of their organisations but this has not always been the case: The following video provides a short … Continue reading

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Technology Strategy and Innovation

3M is seen as one of the world’s most innovative companies: Innovation is defined in the following video by participants in the 2010 Lisbon Council: One of the main theories of innovation is Diffusion of Innovations Theory. It argues that … Continue reading

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Putting Technology Into Corporate Planning

The following podcast lecture discusses the topics covered in this blog post. Corporate planning allows organisations to review and analyse their current position, examining their internal activities and their external environment. It allows them to create a Strategic Plan which … Continue reading

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This blog supports the course MSci 421 at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. The official description of the course is: A critical examination of the conceptual foundation of the strategic management of technology and innovation in established firms. … Continue reading

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The Impact of Technology on Business Blog

This blog has been written for the students of the MSci 421 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation course at the University of Waterloo. Each posting reflects the content of a lecture for the courseĀ  and is intended to allow … Continue reading

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