The Impact of Technology on Business Blog

This blog has been written for the students of the MSci 421 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation course at the University of Waterloo. Each posting reflects the content of a lecture for the course  and is intended to allow students to review and digest presented course content more easily and conveniently than a classroom and powerpoint will traditionally allow.

The course also involves the students working on real world projects that involve the use of information technology to drive better business performance. If you are interested in proposing a project for the students please contact me.

The blog is also intended to allow people who are not in the class to access the course content, making the knowledge that exists in the university more accessible to the world. If you are reading the blog and find it interesting or useful or if you wish to take issue with anything that I have said, please post a comment or let me know by sending me an email at

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Peter Carr, Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada


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