Technology and People – Interview with Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith, from the University of Sussex's Science Policy Research Unit, discusses the social impact of technology and how people can influence the direction that technological development takes. the interview is especially relevant amid concerns about the future impact of technology on people's work and personal lives.


The Office of the Future

Xerox produced a video of their view of the office of the future in the 1970s: The impact of information technology on the office has been a topic of interest for many years. Vannevar Bush first wrote about it in 1945 when he argued that machines could function as an extension to human memory …

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People and Technological Change

People in organisations today often experience efforts to achieve change: Today's managers are usually expected to achieve change that will improve the performance of their organisations but this has not always been the case: The following video provides a short introduction to change management: In this week of the course we look at …

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